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Earlier this week, HP held their much anticipated “Think Beyond” event in San Francisco.  Jose and Sheldon break down all the announcements from the event, including the super exciting Touchpad.  We look at how this stacks up against the competition, what innovations it brings and how other new products like the Palm3 and the Veer fit in.  Could this all add up to be a game changer? Not much room for anything else this week, oh except for some talk of the rumoured iPad2! 

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HP Veer - First Look 
HP Veer: Small is the new Big 
HP Pre 3 - FIrst Look 
HP Pre 3 - The New Look of Business 
HP Touchpad - First Hands On 
Touchpad - official Promotional Material 
Jose’s thoughts on HP Acquiring Palm (April 2010) 
iPad 2 rumours: All you need to know 
The Palm Think Beyond event in Full

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