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We talk Windows, smart home, music tech, vintage tech, EVs and lots more.

Welcome to this week’s podcast! On the show this week Garry and I talk about issues with 12v batteries in EVs, I ask why we haven’t had a new build of Windows 11 in a while, we Microsoft unblocking Windows 11 upgrades for some devices and my samples with automated tools.

Links from this week’s show:

·       Exploring Sound Design: Join Me for a Korg Modwave Live Stream Adventure!

·       Importing Custom Samples into Korg Modwave and Wavestate Synthesizers (with free Fairlight sound)

·       Experience the Pink Floyd Sound: Free Collection for Korg Modwave

Make sure you join us on the our live stream next Tuesday, live on YouTube.

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This week on the show we are joined by Chris Minasians to talk about In Car audio systems. Our car entertainments systems are as complex as our home entertainments systems now and Chris explains about the change in car technology especial with the increase of EVs. We talk about the trends, the best systems and how manufactures are using systems from Apple and Google.

Links from the show:

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