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We talk Windows, smart home, music tech, vintage tech, EVs and lots more.

Welcome to this week's podcast! This week Garry and I talk about the latest Windows 11 Insider builds, we talk about the Korg MS-20 and re-creating it, plus we talk about the EV9 that Garry has been driving.

We also have feedback from last week's show and more!

Links from this week's show:

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Welcome back after a week off! This week on the show Garry and I talk about the new features in Windows 11, Microsoft Surface Go 4 update, new Korg gear and EV news.

Links from this week’s show:

·       Here are the new features in Korg Modwave V2 Firmware

·       Prophet VS Collection for the Korg Modwave

·       Windows 11 Build 23619: Instant Access to your Phone’s Photos and Screenshots Explained

·       Windows 11 Build 23619 for the Dev Channel release with new mobile integration

·       Three Months In: Surface Go 4 Update and Real-World Impressions

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Welcome to this week’s show where I bring you a quick update as I was on my own. I bring you the latest Windows Insider news, some of the fist CES 2024 news and an update on my home Wi-Fi solution.

Back to our regular show format next week!

Links from this week’s show:

·       Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23612 for the Dev Channel

·       Hands on with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020

·       Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020 for the Canary Channel

·       How to make massive analogue synth sounds on the Korg Modwave

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Welcome to our first show of 2024! This week Garry and I look at what Microsoft may be bringing to the hardware front in 2024 with rumoured Surface Laptop and Pro upgrades. We talk about Microsoft’s axing of Windows Mixed Reality and home wifi options.

We also talk Korg Modwave and lots more!

Links from this week’s show:

·       Over 400 free patches for the Korg Modwave mkII, Modwave and Modwave Native

·       Microsoft to axe Windows Mixed Reality from Windows

·       Synth Waves: Unleashing Classic Roland Sounds on the Korg Modwave

·       Exploring the Korg Polysix: Vintage Synth Magic

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