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Welcome to this week’s podcast! This week Garry and I talk about the new features rolled out to Windows 11 users this week. We talk about the massive build from the Windows Insider team this week with loads of new features. We talk Windows 8.2, Surface Laptop Studio and Gary has the latest EV news.

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This week Garry and I are joined by a special guest. Clint Rutkas is the Program Manager for Microsoft PowerToys and he will be joining us to talk about the PowerToys project. Clint will be talking about why Microsoft decided to bring back PowerToys and why as an open-source project.

We will be talking about the features, why you really need to install it and how to be a part of the project.

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Welcome to this week's show! This week Garry, Richard and I talk about the report that the Microsoft's HoloLens 3 has been cancelled and the trouble at the Windows Mixed Reality team. We talk about the changes coming the Windows Insider Program, Facebook, Flutter, Nvidia / ARM and lots more!

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Welcome to this week’s podcast. This week Garry, Richard and I talk about what’s coming for Windows 11, Panos Panay’s blog post about Windows and how the PC is back. We talk about new Surface devices, the latest Windows Insider news, and the 15th anniversary of Windows Vista.

Plus Garry has another brilliant EV interview.

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