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We talk Windows, smart home, music tech, vintage tech, EVs and lots more.

Welcome to this week's podcast! Richard is back from his travels and joins Garry and I to talk about his trip and his new EV. We talk about the latest builds of Windows 11, SpaceX, old Windows tech and physical modelling synths.

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Welcome to this week’s podcast! This week on the show Garry and I joined by Dan Caesar from Full Charged to talk about the up coming Fully Charged Live shows. Dan gives us a flavour of what will be at the North and South shows and gives us an exclusive preview of the EV line up coming to the shows. If you’re interested in elective vehicles, home energy and electrification then this is a live show for you. Plus, we also have a catch up of the latest Windows Insider news, I revive my 2007 UMPC and ask why they are not a thing any more plus lots more!

Links from this week’s show:

·       Welcome - Fully Charged 2023

·       BYD Launches at Fully Charged LIVE - Fully Charged Show

·       What was Microsoft Project Origami? Looking back at rise and fall of Ultra Mobile PCs

·       Hands on with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23435

·       Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23435

·       Windows 11 Build 22000.1879 to the Release Preview Channel

·       Hands on with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23430 & 25336

·       Announcing the FM Drum sound set for the Uno Drum

·       The Roland TR-505: A Classic Drum Machine from the 80s

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Welcome to this week's podcast. On the show this week Garry, Richard and I talk about Richard's new EV and why it's not as simple as an old Mini. We talk about the new builds of Windows 11 and wonder if we will see Windows 12 soon. We talk old drum machines and the new Microsoft Surface Dock.

Links from this week's show:

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