Back for show 52 and with a guest presenter as well! No Jon this week, and with Jose stepping away from a regular slot for the forseeable future, Jason Coombes (aka DatabaseJase) joins Sheldon on this weeks show.  Jason has some great insight into the WIndows Phone 7 launch in the UK, and we ask if things could have been handled better.  Plus, based on recent comments from Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt  we ask is it open vs closed, or integrated vs fragmented?  Are we happier with a consistent experience or with the opportunity to configure our smartphones the way we want them, rather than having the experience forced on us?  Plus there’s news on Apples record quarter, the new Palm Pre 2 and we look at the staggering numbers around advertising on mobile platforms.  So what are you waiting for - download and enjoy this weeks show!

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Show Notes
T-Mobile (UK) Offering Samsung Ominia 7 on Pre-Order
HTC HD2 booting Windows Phone 7?
Palm Pre 2 officially announced.  Hardware, well, underwhelming!
No 7” iPads on the way - too small according to Jobs
T3 iPad edition released
Apple Macbook App Store & Macbook Air Updates - Game Changers?
Gingerbread gets detailed (more here)
Googles AdMob network has served up 300 billion ads since 2007!

App of the Week:
Angry Birds for Android

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