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We swap Jose for Jon this week, and manage to bag ourselves a special guest appearance from none other than Mr Ian Dixon. Plenty to discuss as ever, including our use of mobile tech whilst travelling, the upcoming release of WP7, a new Android PAYG phone for less than £100 and more woes with carriers rolling out Android 2.2 updates.

We also take an in-depth look at who is winning out in the Enterprise world. With Blackberry losing mindshare and support for alternatives growing, is there a new king in town?

And if you use multiple cloud providers, be sure to check out our App of the week. We wrap up with news of an exciting giveaway planned for our 50th Show!

So kick back and join us for a 60 minute journey on all things mobile.

In the News

HTC Mozart Specs Leaked? Is it the Nexus One with WP7?

Will VLC open up Media Playback on the iPad?

FroYo update issues for Vodafone and T-Mobile in the UK

Orange San Francisco available for under £100 on PAYG!

Nokia N8 delayed again. although  some Handsets may make it to consumers in September (for most it's October at the earliest)

Android beats iOS in T3 user poll; both lose out to Meego!

Microsoft to expand Zune services to International Markets

Main Topic:

Main Topics: Who will win the Enterprise? Topical:  Given the lukewarm response to BB Torch, the releases of WP7 and a Juniper VPN for iOS plus Google Apps for tablets, is the landscape changing, and how quickly is it likely to happen?

Watch our RIM - Juniper release VPN app in app store for iPhone & iPod touch.

Google to launch versions of Google Apps for Tablets

App of the Week:

SMEStorage for Android

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