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This week on the podcast, we have a very special guest. Dan Phillips is the manager of product development at Korg R&D in the US and has worked on various products over his years at Korg, including the Wavestation and OASYS projects, as well as recent devices like the Wavestate and Modwave.

Dan talks about the products he has worked on at Korg and the process of bringing new products to life at the company. He discusses writing the manuals, working with sound developers, and provides a background on the Wavestate and Modwave projects.

Dan also shares insights about new software synths coming from Korg this summer in Korg Collection 5, including the brand new ARP2600 virtual synth. Dan is passionate about synthesizer design and music, and he is great to chat with.

So, get yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy the brilliant Dan Phillips!

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