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We start this weeks show with an apology.  Despite our best efforts, we missed putting out a show last week and we explain why.  The good news is it gives us plenty to talk about in this weeks bumper edition!  From news of the follow up to the Nexus One, we cover the new handset from Sony-Ericsson, plus news of the worlds first dual core Android handset.  Plus we provide a round up on tablets, news of how Rovio is approaching the Android market differently, rumblings of SIM ready cameras and the latest on that elusive iOS version 4.2 update.

So settle in and enjoy what’s probably the best darn mobile podcast on the planet…!


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Show Notes


Eric Schmidt stresses that he was quoted as saying there’d never be a Nexus two...
Nexus S - More details
New slim Sony-Ericsson phone codename ANZU leaks - 4.3” Gingerbread phone with HDMI?
LG to bring worlds first dual core Android phone to market early 2011?
WP7 on sale in US as scheduled but initial sales figures lukewarm
Global sales of smartphones almost doubled in Q3 2010 compared to Q3 2009
Strong interest in iPad and other iOS products in the enterprise
Toshiba Folio 100 tablet dropped by Dixons group
Rovio concludes it must release multiple versions of Angry Birds for Android
SIM Cards to expand beyond mobile phones & tablets
Palm Pre to be released in the UK - SIM Free
iOS 4.2 now due Wed 24th Nov - unifying iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad for the first time
Colour E Ink display arrives


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