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Despite Jose` anouncement last show about how he was going to be stepping back for a few weeks he couldnt resist jumping on to this weeks show to talk Windows Phone 7.  In fact Windows Phone 7 really does dominate the news this week with Mondays Microsoft keynote anouncement of the launch of their new mobile platform. 

Join us for our throughts and some of the other news hitting the mobile world this week.

Sorry about the audio quality on this one folks, I lost my headset while moving house and the netbook mic wasnt really up to it but iv done as best I can with the edit.

As always please get in touch and enjoy the show.


Show Notes

Amazon launches Singles on the Kindle 
INQ working on a Spotify phone? 
Palm Pre 2: More details outed 
Windows Phone 7 
Windows Phone 7 phones: all the handsets

App of the Week
Sheldon talks about his favourate remote control apps
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